The Story of Teh Yayat

Famously called “Teh Yayat”, she is one of our most successful agents who lives in Cilegon. It had never crossed her mind that a small business she started from selling snacks and drinks could grow big and become her business today. When she started joining Ruma as an agent, she only had Rp500,000 as her working capital. She sold mobile credits and also served bill payments service to customers who were mostly her neighbors, and they trust Teh Yayat for she is a humble, welcoming, and genuine person.

After couple of months, Teh Yayat profited from her payment business, and she used the money to grow her “warung” (a small stall selling snacks, drinks, groceries, and consumer daily products). Now, her weekly transactions can reach up to Rp16,000,000 in value from selling mobile credits and serving bill payments only!
Teh Yayat believes the way she runs business is just like Ruma does it to its agents; she does it with care and wholeheartedly.